What is Audience Development?

  • What is Audience Development? Audience Development, in a nutshell, is all about relationship building to achieve the “power of people” to support your art form.  Consider it as building positive energy, people energy, to attract more support for you.  Audience development does take time to see results.  It is a building process.  Real audience development is not “butts in seats,” but rather “people in seats.”  You want to get to know your audience and connect with them.  If they feel connected and cared for, they will want to become more involved.  It will take effort and persistence, but you will see the relationships you build start to form a positive community around your art.  This community is the key to succeeding!
  • Who needs Audience Development? Any artist or arts organization that needs an audience, fan base, volunteer, patron and donor/sponsor support needs audience development.
  • Is Audience Development expensive? You can get started with only the cost of one marketing advertisement! We create plans that fit your budget.
  • How does Audience Development work? We find out what your goals and budget are and then we format a plan containing various audience relations programs to build your audience. Of course we keep your audience in mind at all times!  The plans created will contain audience relation programs that will cover all 4 C’s of audience development: collaboration, community, connection, and caring.  These elements will help you to build relationships, and you will obtain the support you need to succeed.

“Audience Development is the building of relationships with your existing and potential audiences, through the use of specific audience relations programs, in order for them to become more involved with your organization and/or art form. Audience development uses the 4 C’s: Community, Connections, Collaborations, and Caring.”

– Shoshana Fanizza

For more information please visit our website: www.buildmyaudience.com.

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