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Shadow Puppet can tell your story!


It’s been a while since I have brought you new technology.  I recently came across an app for iPhone called Shadow Puppet, a talk through your photos application.  Another way to describe this app is a place where you can narrate a slideshow of a set of photos, a storytelling application.

This app is free to download and extremely easy to use.  You first select a group of photos for your story.  Next, you record your voice to tell your story about the photos.  Last, they process the photo/voice together to create a video that you can share on Twitter and Facebook, send a link by email, and embed on your site (code is at the web link they provide).  In order to be of full use, I hope they enable the ability to upload to YouTube in the future and make the profiles of users easy to find online.

Here is an example of one of the puppets I have made while trying out the app: The 2 Charli(e) cats.

It was easy!  You can use this to share visuals of your art and share stories about them.  It is good for a behind the scenes video if you have production photos.  You can even use it to make a quick commercial video.  There is a great deal of potential!  I give it thumbs up.  I hope to see more puppets out there soon!

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Halloween YouTube Kinda Mood 2013

Happy Halloween!  Halloween is the second biggest holiday of the year, yet there were few videos to choose from. I did happen to find some good ones.  I hope you get into the scary act next year, and for now, enjoy:

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