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October – Giving Program Month!

Happy October!  I am looking forward to seeing more pumpkins, fall decorations around town, plus, the colors of the changing leaves!

There is a great deal to look forward to, and this month seems perfect for new ideas since it is a time of change.

I have decided to start the Giving Program with an official monthly challenge.  For the month of October, I will attempt to give something each day to a deserving education, information or advice provider.  This could be a small donation, a shout out, a forward to a friend, or another action that will benefit this person or organization.

Today, I am signing up for the workshop about evaluation, and I will add a small donation to the miniscule registration fee.

I find that in the arts, we do attempt to get so much more for so much less.  In some ways this is a good way to stick to our budgets, but we might be hurting the industry as a whole if we keep this going.  You see, if all of us are doing this, none of us will have the full financial support that we deserve, and as I mentioned before, none of us will feel valued.

Please do join me, and feel free to blog about your journey and share with us what happens.   I will be returning to regular topics later this week.


You can donate to ADS too if you are so inclined!  Like what I am doing?  Donate here.

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