Your website and your audiences

I just finished reading the article Three Ways the Role of Your Website Has Changed. Is Your Nonprofit Keeping Up?

The major reason why websites may not work in your favor is when you build it to be all about what you want and need and not about your audiences’ wants and needs.

One of my favorite audience development quotes is:

Your audience gives you everything you need. They tell you.
There is no director who can direct you like an audience.

-Fanny Brice

When building a website, make sure you have an audience panel to judge it for you.  Have them run through the website to give you feedback on what they like and what is missing for them.  If your website does not provide the information needed and wanted from an audience perspective, why bother having it?

Your audience can direct you to be the best you can be for them, which will translate into more audiences for you.

Cheers to happy and loyal audiences,


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