Sold Out Run podcast with me!


On Wednesday I chatted with Clay Mabbitt of Sold Out Run about audience development, my thoughts on A/V content, and how to use audience development for a specific event.  Please enjoy and let us know what you think!

I want to take the opportunity to add to a comment I made in the podcast, which came off as a little bit unthoughtful.  I had mentioned that it is good to know your audiences and their preferences and use this information for your programming.  I stressed that you don’t have to dumb down your programming.  You can still challenge your audiences as long as it is relevant to them.  Then, here is the statement I regret saying:  You don’t have to do musicals all the time.

This podcast was mainly for a theatre based audience.  There have been discussions within this community about programming musicals in order to fill the houses.  I did not mean that musicals are a form of dumbing down your content, although it sounded a little like that and might be perceived as me being insensitive.  What I was pointing out is that you can still program a variety of works to fill the house if you use audience development strategically.

I happen to love a good musical.  And, if your company is all about musicals, then of course, do what you love to do!  Audiences do enjoy musicals.  I hope I have clarified my split section choice of poor wording, and those that might have been offended, please forgive me.

Thanks again for being you, and have a great weekend!



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