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Free follow up for arts audience development

ImageI have a quick thought this morning.  Are we breeding a free mentality?  I’m starting to feel that every time we give something away for free, people begin to expect free.  The same thought applies to discounts.

I have to admit that I have caught myself resisting purchasing something since I know I can get it for free somewhere else.  I know I am not the only one that is working to find the free in life. 

So, free isn’t always the answer and can breed a mentality that creates havoc on the arts. With all the free and discounts we are offering, people will stop seeing value and continue on the road of free or cheap before buying.

The good news is, what I have come to, if we build up the value for something, then most of us will see the value and buy at the regular price.  Most of us, anyway.  And, to help the process along, each of us will need to figure out what is valuable to us and then start paying for the product or service to create a world of value.  

I will do my part as much as I can.  If I see value, I will pay for value.  On the flip-side, I will work toward creating value, so others will see value and pay for it as well. I hope you will do your part too – look for the value and allow yourself to purchase – a vote for a world that frees all of us to make a living, a vote for creating a world of value.

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