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Happy Holidays and Arts Audience Development

Each year I scope out some holiday arts YouTubes.  I am still in search for a few more.  If you have a holiday YouTube, feel free to send it my way!

Here is the link to the gallery for your holiday viewing pleasure:  Holiday Arts Videos!

I did not post one of them there since I wanted to comment more about it.  I came across this mobile version of The Carol of the Bells:

To celebrate the holidays, AKQA teamed up with members of the Pacific Chamber Symphony and Music Director Lawrence Kohl to create a synchronized mobile orchestra.

If you go to: mobileorchestra.com they allow you to choose the option to experience it with a friend so you can view it together.  I really liked the creative aspect of this holiday campaign, and we shall see if it gets passed around more during the next few days.

If I had one holiday wish for the arts, it would be to become our creative selves again.  I have read in a few reports (here is one from Canada, p.26) that people enjoy going to the arts to experience something new.  This was one of the main reasons!  Are we offering them new experiences or are we continuing to recycle what we have offered before?  In terms of building excitement for purchasing tickets and tipping the scales toward a sell out, what causes this phenomenon to occur?  If we look closely at all the elements, it is the quality of the creativity in every aspect of the arts offering.  From our marketing to our production, creativity inspires people.  Isn’t this what we might be missing?

Happy Holidays to all, and may they be merry and bright!

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