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Too Busy To Fundraise

I’m all for process.  I think it is good to map your course; to chart direction; to have a plan.  But I also am clear that process is not a guarantee. If I do A, I am not ensured that BUntitled will follow.  So yes.  The development process is prospect, cultivate, solicit, steward.  But (a) this doesn’t ensure success and (b) even if you are successful, it probably won’t go the way you planned.

That said, without a plan, you will have chaos.  Know where you are headed, but keep your eyes open for better, more interesting roads.  If something doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean you abandon it.  Oh,maybe for this prospect, it’s not something you will do—but for others that might work perfectly well.

What I have learned is that the more I know, the more I understand how things work, the better equipped I am, even when what…

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