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Finding just the right words – audience development for the arts

I am working on another 3-Step Method audience development project.  The first step is making sure the branding is in alignment with the artist.  What was interesting is that when I went to the website and wrote down all the words that are currently being used, the words fit.  Yet, something was missing.  The essence of who this artist is, where this artist wants to go, who he wants to be was missing.  We are on an excavation to unearth just the right words.  Once these words are found, we can finally describe his concept, his exclusive story that was buried underneath all the other words.

You see, finding the right words for your branding and marketing messages has to be more than about words.  Your words need to tell the story of your mission – your passions, your values, your visions.  The wrong choice of words may be close, but they won’t ring with the essential truth of your unique story.  The words that are popular for your industry or are typical buzz words for marketing may actually be the wrong words for you.

I love a puzzle, and I enjoy using the thesaurus as a guide to find just the right words.  In order to be able to do this step, you need to first know yourself.

The artist knew himself, but I don’t think he ever wrote down the words to describe himself.  The words that were chosen before are correct for his industry, for typical marketing and journalism, but we now want the exact words for audience development.  These words will form an a-typical, one-of-a-kind message.  We want to attract the right audiences to buy a ticket on the spot after knowing his story, after reading just the right words about him.  Just the right words will resonate with these particular audiences too.

Finding just the right words will attract the right people.  These words will describe your own story.  They will clue in on the experiences your audiences want to have and most likely will describe a little about who they are as people.  Finding just the right words will act as a beacon to light the way for your audiences to join you on your individual artistic journey.

Cheers to happy and loyal audiences,


Shoshana Fanizza

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“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”
~James Stewart

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