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#MuseumOlympics and grassroots Arts Audience Development

I am so excited to see the #MuseumOlympics on Twitter, and it is trending too!  It’s been a while since I have seen some grassroots action on Twitter from the museum sector.  The #MuseumOlympics invites museums to “enter” a piece of art or exhibit that has an Olympic theme or feel.  Individuals can get involved as well by tweeting their favorite Olympic inspired art pieces from a museum.  I have nominated a few entries myself.

You can read about the details here: Museums Compete In An Unlikely Twitter Olympics (Today – Wall Street Journal).

It is this type of grassroots sharing I have been advocating for (mostly for music and dance), and I am so glad to see museums around the world sharing their creativity and art on Twitter in this fashion.  Museums, please do let us know your overall impression of this experience.  I look forward to seeing more participation on Twitter and more sportingly good conversations.

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