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YouTube Solo Competition – “A Mother’s Lament”

  1. Conductor and Composer, Stephen P Brown composed “A Mother’s Lament.”  The first performance was in 1996. Here he performs this charming piece for you.
  2. Stephen P Brown is A Maestro with a Mission 
    or “The Conductor Composer Guy”   – Principal Conductor of the Patel Conservatory Youth Orchestra Program at
    the David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts, Stephen P Brown
    has shared his zeal for live classical music for over 30 years in
    concert halls, colleges, schools, community centers, nursing homes and
    churches throughout the USA, UK, Europe and Africa.  Read more about SPB:
  3. SPB is now turning this composition into a YouTube solo competition!  The piece has been transcribed for the majority of instruments.  Musicians of all ages and abilities are eligible to enter.  The winner will receive a recital in New York City, London or Sydney!  When you enter, you also receive free bonus gifts you can keep to help you to build audiences for your future recitals. 

  4. Once you download the piece, you will have until October 1st to upload a YouTube of yourself performing the piece. 5 Finalists will be chosen and a winner will be selected on October 10th. 

    If you are a musician, a teacher with promising students, or a classical music lover, please pass this story along.  This could be an opportunity of a lifetime for someone you know. Thank you for being a part of promoting classical music.

  5. Audience Development Specialists Endorsed Project!  This is the first project that will bear the Endorsed By Audience Development Specialists emblem.  This project is meant to increase awareness for classical music and how to build audiences for musicians. 

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