Presidential audience development

Which presidents in the history of our country do you admire?  Why do you admire them? Most of us admire the presidents that were able to achieve great accomplishments for the people of our country.

Many of us are starting to realize that without a team attitude in congress, whatever president is elected will not get a lot done.  There are people that want the status quo and rather not make any changes, and there are people that want their way, and the “our way” never gets established. When there are too many people that want to bicker and cause opposition, this is going to make it extra difficult to incorporate needed changes.

During this Presidents Day, let us take a moment to ponder what is needed in order to accomplish audience development.  You need people that will support you and your ideas.  You also need people that will support you monetarily.  You need a strong backbone to deal with the naysayers.  You need a team of people to help carry out what needs to be done.

The presidents in our history that are the most admirable are the ones that are able to lead a team of people to move our country forward in a positive direction for the majority of the people.  Building your team is one of the most important aspects of audience development and having a team attitude is equally necessary.

In order to build a terrific team, you do need to have level headed and creative leaders with ideas that a team can believe in.  For the best audience development plans, you do need a plan president to keep everyone on the same page and to motivate them to want to do their part of the plan. Teams still need team leaders.

During this holiday, I challenge you to think about who among you would be a great audience development plan leader.  If you are an individual, what part of yourself can lead you to accomplish your goals.  Next, consider the people who can be a part of the team.  Are they people that are positive and proactive?

You can build a winning combination of people that will propel you forward to successful audience development.  All you and your team has to do is vote for audience development and elect to make your goals become a reality.

Happy Presidents Day!

Cheers to happy and loyal audiences,

Shoshana Fanizza

Audience Development Specialists


“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”
~James Stewart

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