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How to go the extra mile for great audience development

The other day I ordered a latte, and I forgot to let them know what kind of milk I wanted.   The person behind the counter asked me if I wanted skim or whole, and I was able to get what I wanted based on their thoughtful follow up question.  I have been to other coffee shops that did not ask, and it wasn’t until that first sip that I realized that I didn’t get what I wanted.

Yes, it was my “fault” for not asking in the first place, but when the person behind the counter at the first coffee shop went the extra mile and asked me that question, they were able to create a much happier customer.

Are there questions you could be asking your audiences that would help them become happier?  Are there conveniences that you could add to make their experience a little easier?  Are you getting to know your audiences to the point that you would already know what extra questions to ask or what extra conveniences to automatically add?

Think about it and then challenge yourself to go the extra mile.  When you care and automatically give more than what is necessary to make their experiences better, the better off you will be too.

Cheers to happy and loyal audiences,

Shoshana Fanizza

Audience Development Specialists



“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”
~James Stewart

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