Descriptive audience development

This will be a quick one this morning.  I received a marketing email for a concert.  It said:

“Join us for a night of unforgettable music the entire family will enjoy.”

Everyone uses this language, which is why it is getting easy to ignore. If it didn’t spark an idea for this blog post, I would have deleted it. I have in the past.

What makes this night unforgettable?  What type of music?  Why would the entire family enjoy it?

It’s time to get more descriptive and start answering these direct questions so people know exactly what your event is about. People need to get excited about your concert through your marketing.  If you are using the same old tired marketing jargon, it is not going to entice the way it needs to.  There are tons of juicy adjectives out there to pump up your marketing and to speak directly to your audiences.  If you are not particularly gifted at copywriting, find someone who is.

We are creative people. It is time to be creative with all we do!

Cheers to happy and loyal audiences,

Shoshana Fanizza

Audience Development Specialists


“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”
~James Stewart



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2 responses to “Descriptive audience development

  1. You mean, as in… “How many endings can a Haydn symphony actually have?” (for a concert featuring symph #90)? Or perhaps “Kids treating grandparents? That’s not unusual at our concerts.”

  2. You got it! Telling the story of the event instead of relying on the same panned marketing jargon will get people more interested. Thank you, Stephen!

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