Arts Advocacy Day! Do it for Mozart! Twitter and Facebook Instructions…

It’s time to take action!  I ask you to lend your voice by writing a letter and then posting on Twitter and Facebook that you took action.  Let’s make some noise today!  I am dedicating this arts advocacy day to Mozart.  In order to find our next Mozarts in this world, we need to support and fund the arts.  (Happy Birthday Mozart!)

I am asking that each of us write at least one letter (or tweet) today. The letter can be very simple:

Dear  _________,

I am writing to let you know that I support the arts.  The arts contribute in a variety of ways to our society.  The reason I personally support the arts ________________________.  Please do not cut funding for the arts and consider that funding the arts fully will be investing in all of our futures.  A world without the arts would be very dismal.  We would no longer have creative thinkers or something worthwhile to live for.  Investing in the arts is smart since you will see a return on your investment!

Thank you for your consideration.


City, State (Country)

This is a sample letter.  I encourage you to write your own in your own words.  Tell these people why the arts are important to you!

If you are writing the media – please instead ask them for more coverage of the arts and tell them why the arts are important to you.  More coverage of the arts will bring more awareness for the arts, and the arts need our support right now due to proposed budget cuts.  Etc.

Here are the instructions:


  1. Write to your Representative:
  2. Write to your Senator:
  3. Write to your local media:

4. Write a tweet! You can use your zip code to find out if your representative or senator is on Twitter:

If on Twitter:

Example of tweet:

#Artsadvoc Dear @SenBennetCO I am tweeting to show I support the arts. Please continue to fund the arts. We need the arts! TY, Boulder, CO

If you wrote a letter – please send a tweet saying #Artsadvoc State who you wrote to.

Example: #Artsadvoc CO, Bennet – I support the #arts

This will  help us to keep track.

5. If on Facebook: change your status to be: I support the arts and wrote a letter to __________ today!  You can too:

Post a comment on this blog stating your state and who you wrote to.

For Outside of US:

Newspapers (see Worldwide section):

Television: (see Worldwide News Sites section)

Radio: Use Radio-Locator:


Please follow the same Twitter and Facebook instructions to broadcast your support, but please comment on this blog:
Country and who you sent your letter to.

Thank you for writing your letter today!  Please feel free to comment on this blog as well.  This is the first time for this grassroots effort, and I welcome opinions for future efforts.

It is time to have a stronger voice in support for the arts. Lend your voice!

Cheers to happy and loyal audiences,


Shoshana Fanizza
Audience Development Specialists


“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”
~James Stewart

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