Audience development and Twitter tools – Friend or Follow?

I found a new Twitter tool this week I wanted to share with everyone. It is called FriendorFollow.  This little Twitter app makes it easy to categorize your twitter people into three categories:

1. Who you Follow – this section shows you who you follow that is not following you.

2. Who is your Fan – these are tweeps that follow you, but you do not follow back.

3. Who is your Friend – the people that you follow and who follow you back.

Of course everyone wants more friends than anything else, right?  Maybe, maybe not.  I see that many celebrity accounts or other people in the public eye mainly have fans.  It is okay to follow people that do not follow you back if they have good information for you.  It is also okay if people follow you and you do not follow back.  Perhaps you have helpful and fun tweets for them, but maybe this offering does not work  in reverse.

However, if you are in the arts, the best case scenario is to have a majority of Friends.  If you are an artist or arts organization that only has Fans, this means you are not engaging with your followers, and you are simply marketing and missing the point of the two way interaction of Twitter.

Twitter is meant to be interactive, and if you are still not using Twitter in this fashion, you may want to reconsider how you tweet.  I do want to point out that you will not want to get unbalanced the other direction either.  If you only interact or only retweet, people are not going to see enough value in your tweets for them.

The best recipe is to have a cup of valuable information, a 1/2 cup of interaction or conversation and a tablespoon of retweets.  You can add a dash of marketing, but do use sparingly or your twitter account will become a spamming bore.

This recipe has served me well, and I am happy to report that the majority of my twitter folks are Friends, which I found out when I used FriendorFollow.  If you want an audience that is more involved and supportive, become Friends with your twitter folks too.

Happy improved tweeting to all!

Cheers to happy and loyal audiences,


Shoshana Fanizza
Audience Development Specialists


“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”
~James Stewart

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