Audience development is team work!

There have been times when an organization is quick to blame the marketing department for a poorly attended show.  However, a marketing associate can do everything right, but still not get results if they are the only person or one of a few promoting the show.  There needs to be a team effort involved in spreading the word.

I have worked with many different artists and organizations over the years.  I have seen how different they are.  However, they all have the ability to achieve if they have a team effort behind them.  It didn’t matter how many advertisements they placed or how much publicity they received.  You will only get a small percentage of your audience this way.  The biggest reason audience members attend an event, look at a website, or purchase art work, is if they hear about it from a friend or family member or if they happen to know the artist or someone in the organization personally.  Best results for audience development is when there is a more personal connection!

It really is not the marketing associate’s fault assuming they are doing their job well.  If an artist or organization lacks the power of people behind them, they will not be a big success.  There is only one exception.  If a product is absolutely one-of-a-kind amazing, perhaps the buzz will be created by complete strangers, people that took a chance and were so excited about the experience they had to tell others.  There has been a common message lately, to create exceptional, exciting art.  This ideal can bring in an audience.

On the flip side, I have seen quality art go unnoticed with events minimally attended.  If the quality is there, it either must not be an over-the-top amazing experience or the artist or organization did not have a team effort.  Organizations without an energetic, healthy board, do not succeed long term.  Artists without a team behind them will not be as successful.

The best investment an artist/organization can make is to create a people power bank and invest time and energy to filling this bank with people that want to help them succeed.  It really is people energy that makes the world go round. People energy, team work, will bring out the best in your audience development plans and help you to build a community of support for your art.

Team work is an important component to building success long term for the arts in general,  and it is necessary for building happier and more loyal audiences for you!

Cheers to happy and loyal audiences,


Shoshana Fanizza
Audience Development Specialists
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“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”
~James Stewart

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