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Best Use of Technology and Social Media 2009

Best Use of Technology and Social Media 2009. Here are the nominees one more time:

The ADS award goes to, drum roll please, The Atlanta Symphony for their live Ustream discussion with Wynton Marsalis and Ken Meltzer.  This was one of the best representations of the use of new technology and social media rolled up into one, and there were a plethora of other audience development goodies too.  Here is the top 10 list of reasons why I chose this particular idea:

1. The use of Ustream allows live webcasts to be viewed around the world.  There is potential with this media to build an audience from everywhere and anywhere.

2. They had a side discussion on Twitter (and Facebook if memory serves).  The webcast audience was engaged and having a great conversation about what they were seeing.

3. This webcast was a pre-concert lecture with  Wynton Marsalis.  It was a great way to showcase what was to come in their upcoming concert.

4. Both the audience watching at home and the live attending audience had a chance to ask questions.

5.  The format had Mr. Marsalis playing with and for kids!

6. There were representatives from the Atlanta Symphony online to answer any other questions for the social media discussion.

7.  It was a chance to get to know Wynton Marsalis better as a musician and a person, how cool was that?!

8. The format was able to accomplish, broadening, deepening, and diversifying their audience all at the same time.

9.  The 4 C’s were present: connection, community, collaboration and caring.

10.  Did I mention it starred Wynton Marsalis?

In my next blog, I will complete the 2009 ADS awards so we can get back to our regular format of audience development commentary.  Perhaps I will set up a web page to attempt the polls one last time.  It would be fantastic to have the tweeples choice!  Until next time…

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