Audience Development and artists – you’re invited!

Next weekend is the start of the Open Studios Tour here in Boulder, CO.  In order to prove how well audience development works for artists, I am working with an artist to spread the word about her specific tour.  We will be tracking to see how her attendees heard about her studio tour.  Most of the surveys I have dealt with in the past have “heard from family or friend” or “heard from an email sent to me” as the top reason for attending.  I will be sure to update you with the results in a couple of weeks.

Below is the invitation to her specific event which we crafted together.  If you are in the Boulder/Denver area, be sure to stop by her studio.  She is one innovative artist!

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Nyla Witmore

The painting (above right) can be viewed at the Boulder Public Library exhibit (Canyon entrance) from Sept. – Oct 11.

FranceItalyColoradoStill LifeVineyards TrainsMusical AbstractsNauticalArchitectureAntiquated European Buildings

Dear art lover and friend,

I am a friend of Nyla Witmore, and she needed help with spreading the word about her upcoming open studio. She has asked me to specifically send you a personal invitation.

You are invited to Nyla’s Open Studios Tour:

When: Saturday and Sunday, October 3 & 4 from 12-6 pm & Saturday and Sunday, October 10 & 11 from 12 – 6 pm
Where: 3905 Promontory Court, Boulder, CO 80304 – #88 in the Open Studios Guidebook
Cost: The tour is FREE, and art is for sale – cash, check, credit card acceptance and generous one-year layaway options offered
Open Studios Guidebooks: The 2009 Open Studios Guidebook will be available at the following locations (click here)

What else can you expect to see at Nyla’s studio? What are her special features this year?

* Many sketchbook journals to browse (France, Italy, Key West, Colorado, Hawaii)

* A “name the painting” contest

* Business card drawing for a special not-for-sale piece of art…(bring your business card.)

* An opportunity to paint to music in Nyla’s studio. (Fun for the whole family.)

* ..and of course, the opportunity to talk to Nyla and find out what motivates her painting style

To whom does this open studios appeal?

* Travelers – people who have traveled to France or Italy (or who want to travel there)

* Lovers of the outdoors and hikers who will appreciate her landscape paintings done on location (plein-air). They include vistas, streams, rocks and waterfalls. Often these pieces are “moody and atmospheric.”

* Friends who like abstract painting or friends that are musically inclined. Nyla is known for her literal interpretations of music. Nyla’s abstracts have a spiritual quality that can be meditative. These abstract paintings are intuitive and have a complexity that often suggests a nautical quality. Many find hidden objects in the paintings.

If you enjoy colorful, expressive artwork full of energy and texture, or if your art tastes lean towards traditional, impressionistic or abstract paintings, Nyla would love to have you visit her unusual home and studio. Whether it is one of her abstract musical interpretations on canvas, her “plein-air” (on location) pieces of an intimate cafe in France, her details of architecture in Italy, or even one of her still life paintings, many people have commented that Nyla’s paintings take them to a happier place or memory, a place where they remember fondly, or a place where they want to be. It’s the way art is meant to be; you will have a thoughtful and engaging experience!

Please consider forwarding this to your friends and family that would enjoy Nyla’s style.  Thank you so much for your time, and we hope to see you at Nyla’s Open Studios Tour!

Cheers to happy and loyal audiences,


Shoshana Fanizza
Audience Development Specialists
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“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”
~James Stewart


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