A good resource for audience development!

Dear Arts Community,

I am straying from my regularly scheduled format to let you know about a great audience development resource.  It’s an audience development resource that has been around for almost 2 years, has been in the arts management business for over a decade, and has been in the non-profit trenches for over 15 years.  What is this helpful and supportive resource?  It’s me!

Yes, I am an audience development resource that has yet to be fully tapped.  I have been hired by a handful of artists and arts organizations that have been willing to take the leap towards audience development in order to build their better audience.  So far, each of my clients have enjoyed increased audiences by an average of 30-50%, increased monetary resources (from sales and funding),  and increased publicity and word of mouth.

Even though I have a good track record, many people are still hesitant to take the leap from the typical every day to the new audience development way.  Maybe it’s because many of you do not know why audience development is different and maybe you do not know how well it works.  The following is an outline of what I would do for you if you were my client:

1. We look at your branding, but with an audience development eye.  I help you  to define or redefine who you are so you will be able to explain better to your audiences what you are about quickly and visually.  We also look at your existing  audiences – diving into the demographics and psychographics.  Then we figure out what the messages and visuals should be.  I want to make sure everyone knows how unique you are, to stand out so the right audiences can find you easily.  If needed, focus groups and surveys are used to help with this process.

2. We then explore more about your existing and potential audiences.  Who are these people?  What are their personalities like?  We help define who these people are.  This will help us to map out what we need to do and where we need to go to reach your best audience.  If you do not know your audiences, we take the steps to find out about them.   Again, focus groups and surveys can be helpful.

3.  We look at your existing connections and collaborations, your community, and we figure out who among this community is the best for certain types of support for your organization.

4. Next comes the plan – creating and implementing audience relations programs to build relationships with your existing and potential audiences.  We use your connection list that we created in step 3 to make it happen.  The best case scenerio is to make sure your plan covers all of the 4 C’s (Connections, Collaborations, Community, Caring) of audience development.

5.  Last step is to evaluate everything that has happened for the season.  We would tweak a few things for next year and pat ourselves on the back for increased audiences, sales and funding!

I have decided to run a special for 5 hours of my services.  You can use the 5 hours any way you like.  I can get a lot done in 5 hours!  So here is the special:

Book 5 hours of my services by September 30th, and you will receive these 5 hours for the low rate of $225! Yes, only $225!  That’s less than most marketing ads.  If interested, you can contact me through my website at www.buildmyaudience.com.

In five hours I can:

  • Help you figure out who you are and who your audience is.  – Or-
  • Help you format a specific audience relations program – Or-
  • Teach you about audience development – this option is great for the do-it-your-selfer’s -Or-
  • Support you in fundraising efforts  – I am experienced with event, individual and corporate fundraising – Or-
  • Create a bigger and better volunteer program – Or-
  • Brainstorm with you ideas for a better future – Or-
  • Help you figure out your best connections, collaborations, and how to build a sense of community around your art and organization – Or-
  • Create a thank you/stewardship program – Or-
  • Help get your board and fundraising team energized…

…The possibilities for what we can do in 5 hours is endless!  I am an idea person, and  I have never walked away from a consultation without the words “That’s a good idea!” being mentioned. If this is said in only one hour of working with me, imagine what 5 hours could bring…

So if you want a bigger and better audience, an audience that will be happy and loyal, you have the opportunity to work with me to build the right audience for you.   The knowledge about audience development will open a new world to you.  Each step that is made using audience development not only adds up to better audiences for you, but a better outlook for the arts in general.

Thank you for your consideration.  I’m here and ready to work with you!

Until next time, may your audiences be happy and loyal ones, and if they are not, feel free to contact me!


Shoshana Fanizza is the founder of Audience Development Specialists. Her mission is to introduce artists and arts organizations to their existing and potential audiences and to help them to form more rewarding relationships.


Audience Development Specialists’ Facebook Page! for up-to-date news and information about audience development!
or if you prefer Twitter: http://twitter.com/AudienceDevSpec

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